Bob Pool Pottery
Bob Pool Pottery

I hope you will enjoy exploring the different aspects of my website as you get to know about me and my pottery.

As you look at my work, you’ll notice that I make the same shapes in many different patterns. There are five different glazes that I use.

*Temmoku: The pieces with a dark background with either floral or geometric patterns in bold colors include my series called "Full Bloom." I use a copper red, chrome green, cobalt blue and rutile gold to create the patterns.

*American Shino/ Carbon Trap: This glaze has a light orangish, brown background. Many interesting effects can be seen including an orange peel texture. I do a floral shino and a plain shino.


*Chun: Transparent to robin’s egg blue glaze, I often use with a white slip accent. I do a floral chun pattern.

*Celadon: Pale greyish-green glaze. I do a floral celadon pattern.

*Copper Red: Plain and Floral available.

I make my own glazes and ensure that my pots are lead-free, microwave, dishwasher and oven-safe.

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